Statement from Commissioner Dennis C. Moss

Regarding His Support For Kionne McGhee as Commissioner For District 9

Representative Kionne McGhee has shown the leadership and commitment needed to move South Dade Forward as I leave the County Commission. He understands the issues that the people of District 9 are experiencing.

McGhee is a young, bright public servant who has shown that he will produce results and work hard to build a consensus with all stakeholders irrespective of party affiliation or demographics.

McGhee’s life story reminds us of his ability to create and execute plans. McGhee, once labeled emotionally handicapped while attending school and losing his brother and father to murder, created a plan to change his life as he became an assistant state’s attorney, author of two books, owner of a small business, and currently serves as the leader of the Florida House.

McGhee has proven that he is ready to lead on day one on issues such as affordable housing, transportation, economic development, education, violence, and strengthening small businesses. His current work of assisting with quality of life issues such as driver’s license reinstatements and the restoration of voting rights, serves to support my position even more, that Representative McGhee is the right choice to lead District 9.

McGhee is married to a public school elementary teacher. He and his wife, Stacey, have three beautiful children and their boxer, Kiesha.